Friday, 19 February 2010

The site changes - the Free shop squatters are evicted.

Last week the squatters from london free school who were living in No.161 Commercial street were evicted. Wooden boarding has been erected over the front of the alleyway to prevent anyone accessing the site. It is now even more secure than before! The workers have also put temporary rooves on some of the small buildings near the railway line for further protection.

Everything the squatters had brought in for their free shop has been completely removed and only an empty shell remains. The only signs that they were ever there are their slogans painted on the walls.

I don't know yet if this means anything may be being built on the site but it may be a possibility. Maybe by the end of my Ma there will be nothing left of the building!...

The wooden boarding looks permanent which means the covered roller shutter and graffiti is just a memory and may not be seen again.

It also may mean that my project has become an in depth record of a forgotten building.

You can see below before and after images of the back passageway between No.161 and the railway lines:

Taken on the 10/12/2009

Taken on the 15/2/2010

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