Friday, 19 February 2010

Memories - Buildings and Spaces

From looking at the work of Rachel Whiteread and Simon Head I wanted to start a photographic essay to record spaces or buildings that display memories - or more precisely showing an impression or history of their identity, use or lifespan.

Rachel Whiteread, House 1993

Simon Head, Waiting 2009

Simon Head, Patient airing shelters series 2008

Beginning with the photo I obtained from the alleyway on my site I began recording instances where I thought I could see the memories of spaces around London that had been and gone...

Obviously this is just a start and some of the images convey my view of building memory better than others but I want to continue this exploration. It would be made better if I focussed only on instances near my building where I noticed remains of buildings or spaces. It also would relate to the mapping of the forgotten corners I undertook in the first term.