Friday, 19 February 2010

New site photos

As I have stated before the only image I had been able to obtain of the interior spaces of my site is the one below. It shows the alleyway between No.2 Elder street and No.161 Commercial street. You can see the unused warehouse at the rear (marked number 8 in the building plan diagram further below) and a suggestion of spaces behind No.2 (on the left of the picture)but little else.

Finally after a fair amount of blagging I was able to access No. 4 Elder street to try and take some photos of the rear of my site. As you can see in the diagram below I had originally thought the space (marked number 7.) was a warehouse and couldn't tell what it was used for as the space was cordoned off on all sides. The spaces I have marked in red are all divisions within the space I couldn't see before. There is a glazed and roof lit area extending from No. 4 and three empty and uncovered areas behind No.2 that adjoin the alleyway between No. 2 and No.161 Commercial street.

Taken from the second floor of No. 4 Elder street

Taken from the first floor of No. 4 Elder street

You can see on the left of the pictures the glazed ground floor extension to No.4 Elder street. In the middle are the three small open spaces extending from the rear of No. 2 and on the right is the rear half of the alleyway adjoining No.161. I really need to continue finding ways of accessing the site to take photographs as a way of recording the site.

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  1. Incredible - No.2 Elder Street. As you point out in your blog, it is fascinating how simple aspects of the house give a clue to its past. I recall seeing the mirror hanging on the wall and the shelving when I first saw this house as a young boy in the mid 80's, the roof had already been removed by that point - I felt saddened and fascinated in equal measure by the decay of this Edwardian building. This was my Nan's house, where my mother grew up during the 50's and 60's. Quite when (around the 1970's) or even why the family moved out is unknown to me, but I could probably find out from other family members. As of Feb 2010 when you took these images, the building still looked as I remember it when I worked around the corner in Foldgate in 2005 - Is the site still there?