Friday, 12 March 2010

Pop up shop research: Parlour

I visited Parlour this week, a pop up shop recently brought to life on Clerkenwell Road, 20 minutes from my site.

"Using the site of an historic Clerkenwell shop transformed into an eclectic parlour,friends and family can gather to engage, think, express, play games, and – most importantly – relax and enjoy a unique old-world experience.

The idea behind the Parlour is to switch off your mobile phone and return to the roots of what a parlour was used for: a lovely living space where one could receive visitors in the most polite way possible. The Parlour pop up will be a place to write letters, engage in good conversation, play games like cards, drink punch and enjoy music. It’s about simple pleasures.

The wistful pop up hopes to take guests away from the fast-paced,intense, digital world we live in, inviting them to interact and engage with each other in a charming setting."

Parlour had many similarities with my scheme. It was supported by the borough of Camden as part of an initiative to keep unused spaces vacant in the borough. The furniture in Parlour was donated by a community support scheme and was all for sale with the proceeds going to the charity. The theme was also very relevent to the period of 19th century architecture that is on my site and related to the research I had undertaken in an earlier blog entry on the Geoffrye Museum.

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